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Iva Ambika
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March 2007
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Iva Ambika [userpic]


Like sand.

…I dislike sand.

[Private to self]

Evading the worthless humans was simple. They have almost given up. I have not had time to ponder my own thoughts because of this, something I deeply regret.

A shape shifter spoke to me. My race always seemed so in tune with those creatures. Another disillusioned lie they follow mindlessly.

My goals have changed. Shifted, if one would place it in a simple context.

I need my dear, dear boy.

It has been written in my stars to hold my own tight grasp over them. Always the goddess has spoken to me as such. To see them all resisting what was to be destined to be their fate only makes my duty both more troublesome and amusing at the same time. They will see once I spill that fresh and sacrificing crimson liquid.

I will find her.


Current Mood: awake

Oh come now, surely I can't be all that bad.

I don't believe the rabbit-lady is talking about you, buddy.

Waitaminute. Hold on...your name is Sand? o.O

I know, I know.

Sander Susan, at your service.

Oh. I see. Hmm, Sander isn't exactly a common name.

You can call me Susan if you like.

You're a guy right? All right then, Susan it is! :D

And I shall be the most interesting of men from this point forward. At least it isn't Lucy.

Oh, really? Interesting, you say?

Mm, or Mary.

Yes, very interesting. You'll be paying just to see me get up in the morning, did you know that?

I didn't know that, though you know, I have better things to do with my time than to watch some guy get up in the morning.

But I'm interesting!

Prove it.

Our continued dialogue is proof enough.

Not for me. =P


If your name is such a thing or not, I was not referring to you.

Weren't you?