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Iva Ambika
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March 2007
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Iva Ambika [userpic]


The ocean is so very alluring. The breeze feels so pleasant on my bare skin.

[Private to self]

In the mind of a simpleton or some warm hearted creature I suppose they would feel regret or guilt for tampering with the very biological and hormonal urges of a human.

Sadly… Or, happily for me in this case, I do not feel either.

I hope he will enjoy his small moments of waking peace. Until he can find me, the drug will stay in effect.
Once I have him coiled rightfully around my finger I will use him for protection. He shall help me locate someone special.

I wonder to myself silently why I picked Alexander. Hmm, he seems like such a better candidate for a companion then many others- but he is so very young. I agree that young minds are easier to manipulate, but he is just…

I simply want him to stay by my side. For now.

Machiavellian. The end justifies the means.


Current Location: The docks in Scylla
Current Mood: pleasedpleased