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Iva Ambika
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March 2007
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Iva Ambika [userpic]

Demet is boring. I have no use to stay here. How pitiful the people are just playing around with the same old chores every single day. Could they not find something more beneficial? But of course the world needs beings to take care of food production. I must be grateful that such troublesome tasks do not need to befall me.

The river here is beautiful.

I shall be heading to Apollo. My reasons to travel there on my own is to gain a partner... Perhaps hire someone to accompany me to Hera. My curiosity longs to see what worth I can find in such a city.

Goodbye Demet.

Current Location: Village of Demet
Current Mood: calmcalm

U-Uhm, good bye Iva. H-Have a s-safe trip...

{ OOC: I'm assuming since Demet is so small and Kimi lives there, Iva and her would atleast meet once. Or not. }

I shall try. I doubt I shall return here in the near future.

[ooc: Yea sure! Iva has been wandering around there for a few days, or something.]

O-Oh, I see. W-Well, it was n-nice meeting y-you then.

...Hm. Yes.