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Iva Ambika
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March 2007
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Iva Ambika [userpic]

Hot as flames.

Cool as water.


How different are they from me?

[Private to self]

He was very young though his skill was strong. How unfortunate to see such a boy his age having to fight and kill. Even so... he impressed me. His scent was stronger then most humans. Even... smelt pleasant.

He hurt me. The pain I felt was euphoric and it refreshed me. Perhaps I shall seek him out again when I want to feel such things once more. The hot feeling of the explosion of fire against my bare skin...more.

My ears...


Current Location: Outside of Hera
Current Mood: curiouscurious

Depends. How different are you from a human?

Twas my question I have been asking myself... I do not know how different I am besides mere physical appearance.

comments in brackets are their own thoughts

If you feel, hurt and bleed, then you are no different from a human, milady. Physically, however, is another story.

[Doesnt she look like a rabbit-person?

Leporedaen you mean.

Yes. Doesnt it?

Yes. You should ready for the hunt then Henri. We're reaching their territoy.

You read my mind brother.]

Life. It is so weak. If you explain it to me so simply.

Are you...

If you are, then humans can't be more different. I was taught to accept them are creations of the Goddess, but in the end, they never do amount to much, do they?

...The same.

Creations of the Goddess... Why she would make such creatures, I have yet to understand. Correct, they seem to never be much more then copies. Adaptations. Variations of us.

...Your name?

She loves all, even her mistakes. Perhaps they ain't even mistakes, just flawed creatures she has given the chance to better themselves. Just because they haven't and seem intent on killing their own Goddess is no fault of Hers.

Serafina Pewkyn. How's 'bout you?

Hmm. Pitiful, if that is how you word it. Is that not it? She seems careless.

My name is Iva.

I like to think of more like a Mother who allows Her children to make their own mistakes. Pitiful? I pity them, but I will not shun them. That would be a far cry from the intentions of the Goddess.

That's a great name. Iva. I like how it tastes on my tongue.

That's an interesting question to ask. Very much different yet very much the same. That's what I think, at least.

In what ways different? In what ways the same?