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Iva Ambika
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Name: Iva Ambika (Meaning in Hebrew; Zealous child of destruction)

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Country/Organizationc: Gaea / Neutral

Race: Leporedaen

Occupation: Elementalist, Assassin, Local wandering crazy, Homicidal killer

History: Born in the small home village Laporedaea, Iva grew up as a normal young girl in a seemingly normal environment with a normal life. Her life was everything black and white. Living within the forest and going about day to day completing the same chores. Her life lacked anything out of the ordinary. Although she lived her life as a mere middle class Leporedaean, Iva had a small gift and ability to manipulate the elements. Others in the village had such similar abilities though it seemed to be rare. Spending countless hours by the riverside allowed her to grow on her gift and as she grew into her teen years she became one of the high elemental priestesses of the village.

Soon her mind started to overflow with her powers. Having been such a spoiled only child she wished to have all eyes on her. Moving away from her meager childhood she became a sort of icon within the village. The power and the praise fueled her ego and pride. She began holding a strong grasp on anyone that wished to study under her and refused to be less then perfect. The elders took note of her change of behavior and how the power seemed to be making her fall. One night, she was asked to step down as a priestess. Enraged by their decision Iva lashed out and using her gift of element manipulation ransacked a temple and killed three elders. Ice shards fell from her skin as she escaped into the night and became an official exile of Laporedaea, never to be welcome to the place she once called home.

Appearance: PICTURE Has long white hair that flows down near her ankles. The fur on her ears is brown and her tail is also brown. She tends to wear cool and cold colors such as dark blues and purples. Her eyes are dark steel blue. Shall be portrayed as Manko from Suicide Girls. And as a Viera from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. Physically she is very weak and fragile looking but she is fast and as any good Leporedaen she can jump very high.

Personality: Iva has split personalities. Outwardly and when she is calm Iva comes off as a simple, calm and collected type of person. She may be lacking in the manners department but when she is in this mode everything comes naturally. Wisdom, grace and elegance. She's is proud and her attitude is cool and almost emotionless. If her rage gets the best of her she switches into another mood much like a raging flood. She looses all sense of reality and destroys as much as she can around her. Forgets about her cool and icy other self and becomes as hot as fire, almost feral in her movements. Anger her and she'll do anything in her power to get what she wants even if she must kill.

Weapons: Two sided, light weight Axe made of Leporedean wood and fabric. The blade is narrow, though it's sharp and easy to maneuver with.

Abilities/Powers: Has the gift to control elements to a certain level. By means that she can change waters temperature to freezing and back to a steaming boil with a flick her her wrist. But she cannot create elements. She must use the things around her to manipulate. Currently she is only skilled in fire and water. Cannot do anything with wind or earth. And she has a limit and can exhaust herself easily.

Other Notes: Her goal is to kill nearly everyone of her kind besides herself and start the entire race over in her image. She's hell-bent on destroying the rest of the village if she can get back in as well. She hides all this behind her emotionless cool exterior and tries to manipulate people to get what she wants. Basically she wants to enslave her own race. She'll manipulate, steal, lie and try and get on the good side of the right people to achieve her goal. Major weaknesses are things such as her temper and her frail body. She would rather hide behind brawn instead of physically fight.

Roleplay Information: This is a roleplay journal for michrure for the_peacemakers. All contents of this journal are fiction. Character belongs to michrure. TAKE AND DIE.